Colocation and Cloud Computing Services

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DataCentred is a leading provider of next-generation data centre and open-source cloud computing services. We combine colocation with powerful computer processing, advanced storage solutions and excellent network connectivity.

Our solutions are based on open-source software which means customers benefit from low cost, data portability and lack of vendor lock-in to proprietary software and architectures.


Our Services


  • Multiple carriers with diverse routes to the building
  • Resilient and reliable power distribution, cooling systems, monitoring, fire suppression and physical security



  • Telco grade DWDM and IP/MPLS services spanning all facilities
  • Full suite of Layer 1-3 VPN services
  • High grade Internet transit from multiple providers
  • Carrier neutral with a good selection of carriers available at each location
  • IX-Connected, key public peering exchanges present within the facilities

  • Scalable, distributed object and block storage platform
  • High IOPS, High capacity, and deep archive storage options
  • 5-nines availability, 7-nines durability
  • Ceph based, S3 and Swift Compatible
  • API and GUI based management

  • Scalable x86 OpenStack platform
  • Comprehensive guest image library
  • Standard, High Memory, and High core count virtual machine options
  • Private and Public virtualised platforms with full tenant separation
  • API and GUI based management

DataCentred Colocation Services Manchester


Our Manchester colocation datacentre comprises 32,000 sq. ft. of space is adjacent to MediaCityUK in Salford Quays.  Providing 24:7 on site operations and maintenance cover, we are host to multiple carriers providing the highest level of connectivity.


  • Power back-up: UPS & Generators
  • Fire Detection & Suppression: Double Knock, FM200
  • Water Leakage Detection System
  • Building Management System
  • VESDA system in both data halls


  • Restricted personnel access
  • Pre-clearance for visitors
  • Robust perimeter fencing & intruder detection
  • Security Gate
  • 100% external CCTV monitored locally and remotely

What we stand for

Beyond providing the best data centre services in the world we aim to capitalise on our facilities and equipment to create a shared, neutral cloud computing infrastructure. By coupling together the shared capacity of all the equipment housed in our data centres we provide super-powerful systems which are capable of huge storage & data management delivering ultra high performance computing. This shared computing space can be harnessed by public, private and academic organisations; by content originators and content distributors; by anyone who needs connectivity and computing power either 24:7 365 days a year or periodically, on a project basis. Our vision is to provide the shared space that facilitates the exchange and creation of services.

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  • Technology agnostic: independence means we can optimise performance and price on behalf of our clients
  • Capability and flexibility: we make cloud transition an opportunity to make operations easier and extend the capability and flexibility of client systems.
  • Open environment: we interoperate; we have a flexible, open cloud environment in our data centres. We facilitate the use of multiple infrastructures and multiple platforms, by means of real integration skills.
  • Avoid lock in: an open systems approach and methodology allows clients to avoid lock in. We make cloud transitions simple to us and from us. We provide a secure and stable home for legacy systems where cloud transition is not appropriate.
  • Collaboration and client input: because we’re a dynamic and customer centric company, as well as designing our systems, we’re able to take into account client requirements, and incorporate their requirements in service design.
  • Focused on computing infrastructure: we provide broad computing efficiency across a wide range of applications, and really deliver both quality and economies of scale


How we do things

We work with organisations with complex computing requirements and diverse legacy systems.  We help our customers to consolidate, stabilise and transition their IT to a connected, stable platform based on the appropriate combination of traditional and cloud technology.

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Our service delivery approach is flexible dependent on our customer’s requirements.

Collaboration Labs

As well as traditional best in class data centre design, DataCentred fund and perform research looking at radical re-designs of computing facilities as well.  Our current projects are open board systems in innovative racking, free air cooled environments and optimising use of powered on equipment.  There is a lot of innovation across the board from consumer focused equipment through to supercomputers, we aim to evaluate as much as this technology as possible, with a thought to how it might be used for our and our customers purposes.

We believe business problems are solved by bright people, unshackled from the need to force a flavour-of-the-month, high-margin, square-peg-solution into the round hole of actual requirement. ‘One team’ working together in the same room. With access to the right technology and ability to create proof of concepts and prototypes.

Solution Road Map

Our customer oriented product roadmap is the lifeblood of the business.  Through collaboration with early access “beta” customers we work to scope, engineer and commercialise new product and service concepts. Beta customers will benefit from time to market advantage and access to our engineering talent during the early phases of product development.

We work collaboratively with customers, with the open source software community and with commercial eco-system partners to design and commercialise products and services that enable innovation throughout our supply chain. We pledge to focus our engineers on solving problems common to a number of partners such that we can all share in the efficiency and scalability savings that follow.

Procedural Management

Our approach to procedural management is sufficiently robust to ensure compliance with standards and best practice, but not so inflexible as to constrain clear thinking, and inhibit sensible personal judgement and decision making. We have always fostered the taking of personal responsibility within our teams, at every level. We find this essential in operational situations where immediate decisions may be required.

DataCentred’s approach is based on quality, self-critical examination, and rigorous and self-challenging process to ensure reliability; security and efficiency are delivered as standard. All of the management have experience with mission critical systems, if not life and death systems. Our operational approach is to treat all systems as critical, and our operational procedures reflect that determination.


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